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The Millennium Flight Academy backed by the Millennium Group which owns and operates “Simplifly”, Sri Lanka´s leading internal airline and the only operator with a fleet of Helicopters, Planes & Seaplanes under one roof.

Based in Rathmalana, the Millennium Flight Academy provides high quality flight training for both Sri Lankan and foreign students through PPL up to CPL/IR and ATPL.

Millennium Flight Academy 4R-DOM
Millennium Flight Academy


  • Highly Experienced Instructors & Engineering team
  • Training under highly qualified Head of Training & CFI
  • Well-equipped IFR Aircraft
  • Large fleet of aircraft well-maintained standards
  • 365 days operation
  • High Flight & Ground Training standards
  • Small groups to pay individual attention to each student
  • Specially customized programs for Part Time students
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Uninterrupted training to meet the deadlines

Millennium Advantage

At Millennium Flight Academy you will live the life of a pilot from day one and turn your dreams into a reality.

We offer the best training techniques such as; competency based training, many cross-country destinations, flight simulator training and immersing you in an airline environment from your first day of flight training. Giving you, our graduates, an unbeatable edge in your future careers.

Millennium Flight Academy Hangar


We Offer
  • Private Pilot
    • Duration 5 Months
    • 300 Hrs Ground Training
    • 45 Hrs Flight Training
    • 1 Hr Flight Test
    • Installment Plan
  • CPL + IR + Frozen ATPL
    • Duration 12 Months ~
    • 750 Hrs Ground Training
    • 137 Hrs Flight Training
    • 3 Hrs Flight Test
    • Installment Plan
  • Professional Pilot Program
    • Duration 17 Months ~
    • 1050 Hrs Ground Training
    • 182 Hrs Flight Training
    • 4 Hrs Flight Test
    • Installment Plan
  • Assistant Flight Instructor
    • Duration 2-3 Months
    • 100 Hrs Ground Training
    • 30 Hrs Flight Training
    • Flight Test
    • Installment Plan

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